Andrea Toni Laura Noyes Mike Noyes
Tour Guide Tour Guide Owner and Tour Guide Owner and Operations

I moved to Covington in 2011 because of the great architecture, but immediately fell in love with the city, and especially the amazing diversity of restaurants available right outside my door. Being a tour guide for Riverside Food Tours gives me the opportunity to share my love for Covington and its future. Mainstrasse is one of my favorite neighborhoods. Whether I’m visiting the Goebel Goats, or taking in one of the many festivals along 6th street, I am always up for grabbing a slice at Goodfellas after, and can often be found tucked away upstairs in the Wiseguy’s Lounge. I can’t wait for you to join me, and in the end, Love the Cov too!

I grew up in the small town of Harrison, Ohio, but now live in Cincinnati. I love the atmosphere of Mainstrasse Village. Since I'm such a foodie, I love trying new restaurants and experimenting with new recipes. When the opportunity was available to be a tour guide for Riverside Food Tours, i jumped at it. It's fun meeting new people and I especially love watching people enjoy what I love - FOOD! Being a tour guide is a perfect way for me to spend a Saturday afternoon because I don't feel like I'm working. My favorite treat in Mainstrasse is the Four Berry Smoothie with whipped cream and a Bourbon Chocolate Chip cookie from our final stop on the tour, Bean Haus Bakery.

I love to eat and I love visiting different neighborhoods in all parts of the country. Last fall my husband Mike and I visited Newport Rhode Island and went on our very first food tour! I knew immediately that I wanted to bring this experience home with me. We choose Mainstrasse Village for our premiere tour. Soon, we will offer two new tours in other neighborhoods in Covington, KY. Besides the wealth of restaurants, Covington is rich with history and every type of architecture imaginable. The owners and chefs of the small restaurants we visit, are warm and hospitable people who make great business partners and treat our guests like VIP's!

I play the role of accountant in the food tour operation. I provide financial advice, make sure the bills are paid on time and the legalities are in order. I also develop and maintain the website, as well as the other social media sites. I have traveled extensively in the coffee industry while working for the Folgers Coffee Company.



It's fun for locals and visitors in the Cincinnati area to indulge in off-the-beaten-path neighborhood eateries. You'll love meeting and interacting with the chefs and owners.

Explore and Discover

Whether you choose Cincinnati, OH or Covington, KY you are led by a professional tour guide who shares interesting stories that entertain and educate as we stroll from place to place. 


Create memories of food and fun as you learn about the dishes you eat, back stories of the restaurants, history, architecture and culture of this National Historic Registry Village.


Trip Advisor ranks us #1 for "Food and Drink" related activities with a 5 star rating by our guests in Covington, Kentucky.








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